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Computers pose a risk to companies due to the nature of the information they store. Most organizations battle computer based threats on a daily basis. Malware is the attacker's vehicle. It is diverse, evolving, and capable of any attack a programmer can dream up. Routing, DNS and the principle of least privilege are three critical defenses to combat malicious software. Enterprises who tune these technologies to a more protective stance have a greater chance at successful defense. A test of a few thousand malware samples has demonstrated that these critical defenses work. As a result, a security analyst can better focus their investigations on events that they know have success in their environment.

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Python Script to parse a file of hashes and query VirusTotal for submission information

Python Script to parse a file of hashes with VirusTotal information and download specific samples from VirusShare

Powershell script to sinkhole domains specified in a file on Windows 2008 R2 DNS Server

List of SHA256 hashes tested

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